Monday , 22 December 2014

The Best French Press: A Guide For The Coffee Grinder

Everyone knows that the best coffee is made with the French press. In spite of the fact that there are distinctive sorts of makers that use different blending standards and in most normal ones, beans are placed in a metal or paper channel inside a pipe and are placed over an artistic or glass espresso pot. This is a cooking pot in the family of kettles.
At that point the machine adds cold water in a different chamber where it is warmed up to 100 degrees celcius (or a little less), then steered into the channel. Some people also call this the automatic drip brew. More info here on wikipedia.

Best French PressThe last twenty years, many people have given coffee a more central point in the household. It has become an experience, and so the quality of the machines that are produced has risen quite a bit. Big brands have started producing coffeemachines, but there are also some smaller quality brands out there which can give you an outstanding experience. But there are all sorts of coffee makers out there. We will try to help you with finding out which type of coffee maker is for you.
On this website we will mainly focus on the French Press, but will also give you information on the best Espresso Machines, Single Cup, Coffee Grinders, and Auto drips.

What to choose

Instant coffee is truly (don’t deny it) one of the most awful things that can happen to a coffee enthousiast. It can be when you visit a relative or start a new job. More and more people are getting used to better sorts of coffee making and that’s why we have tried to select the best french press for you!
Nowadays they come in many variations, and from lots of different brands and they also come with some different features, so how do you make a choice? That’s where we come in. Keep reading for a selection of the best coffee makers that you can keep at home, take with you when you go to work, or even on vacation!

How to useBoiling water french press

This is the kind of press that gives a very nice flavor. You can find some more articles on the usage process on this website. But in short, the usage of is the following:

  • Take the press out of the beaker.
  • A specific amount of grinded beans is put into the beaker.
  • Hot water is added. Do not use boiling water, this changes the taste in a negative way. Just a bit under.
  • Put the press back in.
  • Push it to the bottom, so the bottom part touches the coffee.
  • Wait.
  • Pour the bre into a warm cup.

Note: Most of the time you will have a bit of extraction on the bottom of your cup. This is normal, and may be different then what you are used to with a filter. Although nowadays there are some presses on the market that keep the grinded beans in a gasket.
You can use the french press also to make cold cup, or even tea.

What to look for

The biggest mistake a lot of people make when buying one, is that the grinder does not matter. You’d want to have an evenly grinded pot.
And like in most food and drink preparation equipment, an investment pays off. You remember the high quality food processor bought? Or the expensive Frypan you bought? They payed off, and food tasted better afterwards, or at least made your life a lot easier.
Same goes for grinders. Buy a good one, and it will make the experience a lot better!

When brewing a cup it is nice to keep your brewing warm for a little while. Although keeping it in you can make the brew bitter after some time. This is because the grinded coffee still mixes with the hot water. If you drink it immediately after the right amount of waiting time, you won’t have this problem

In the case, you want to spread the drinking of your coffee over the course of the day, you’d best use a seperate thermal pot, so the taste stays superb.

Build quality and Usagebest french press coffee maker
Generally speaking, these cafetiere coffee makers come in:

  • Glass
  • (Stainless) steel
  • Plastic.

This depends a lot on the use of the product. Do you take it with you while backpacking and when going on a picnick? Or do you take it to work, or does it just stand on the kitchen table. And are you a clumsy person who drops stuff or are there children in the house that can destroy this beautiful coffee maker. The build quality also makes most of the price. Glass and stainless steel are more expensive than plastic, although plastic can sometimes be easier to keep clean.

Cleaning and dishwasher proof
Most people don’t think about the cleaning process when buying this kind of coffee maker. But this can be a big factor that annoys people and makes that the coffee maker is put into the back of the kitchen cabinet.
So look for ease of cleaning and if it is dishwasher proof.